Hello, I'm Sara Choi

UX/UI Designer based in Toronto, CA.

I bridge the gap between people and digital products with simple and effective solutions.

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Health Care | Revenue Management | UX/UI Design 🔓

Simplifying the Revenue cycle and payer setup without encountering a complex array of payment-related issues.

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Health Care | UX/UI Design 🔓

Reducing variability in patients' assessments and care plan documents, elevating the overall quality of care delivered and improving resident outcomes.

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Weston Frontlines

NGO | Case Study | UX/UI Design

Assisting teens in obtaining timely access to self-care resources and supporting the development of self-care routine.

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Innovation Hub (UofT)

Course Project | Case study | UX/UI Design

Providing UofT students with easy and streamlined access to centralized and reliable discount information.

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