The goal of this case study was to create a mobile app to provide UofT students with easy and streamlined access to centralized and reliable discount information.

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Sep 2021 - Dec 2021


How might we help UofT students easily find, access, and verify student discounts, enabling them to save on living costs, and time, and make informed purchasing decisions?

With rising costs of living in Toronto and increasing tuition fees, UofT students actively seek student discounts to alleviate their financial burdens. However, the current resources for accessing these discounts are scattered, unreliable, and challenging to navigate, resulting in difficulties in finding the most favourable deals among the available options. Moreover, the available resources (reddit, blogs, facebook pages and official university websites) are incomplete and not consistently updated, often failing to meet the students' informational needs.


To address the challenge, our team created "Dealio," a mobile app serving as an online community hub for UofT students. Dealio provides easy access to student discounts, addressing the issue of unreliable information. It offers up-to-date and comprehensive discount details, allowing students to compare and find the best deals in one place.



Secondary/Primary research

What is the most challenging when UofT students look for discount info?

Our team conducted secondary research, survey and semi-structured interviews to examine the attitudes and practices of the University of Toronto students regarding discount access. We aimed to understand how students currently discover discounts, their existing knowledge of discounts, and their levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with current resources. We distributed the survey to current students at the University of Toronto and interviewed UofT students to dive deeper into obstacles encountered.

12 Interviews
73 Survey Responses

Key Findings
● Over 50% of surveyed students found "searching" to be the most challenging aspect of accessing student discounts.

● Dissatisfaction with the limited amount of information available on University-affiliated resources

● Difficulties found included starting searches, insufficient information on discount terms, and a lack of centralized information

Affinity Diagram




Let's meet Sarah (with an 'H'), The Student.

User Journey Map

Let's walkthrough Sarah's grocery shopping with a student discount

Design goals

Let's define key goals that address the challenges in her current journey

1. Easy of access

Student discount information is presented in a centralized location

2. Quality of Information

Information is reliable and kept up-to-date with peer reviews and submissions

3. Search & Synthesis

Information is complete with terms and eligibility requirements to inform redemption step



Brainstorm /Prioritization grid

"How can we effectively address the identified challenges?"

We generated 40 ideas to tackle the current frustrations, and then organized them on a prioritization grid. Among these ideas, the online discount hub emerged as the most feasible and impactful idea.


We sketched and created wireframes to define structure, features and content on each screen.



Usability testing

We performed usability testing with three participants to evaluate the workflow and design. This enabled us to understand user perspectives on the solution and uncover any issues in the user experience. The participants were tasked with completing three assignments using the low-fidelity prototype: Onboarding, Searching, Sharing feedback
Here are a few feedback responses we received from participants during our usability tests, which influenced the design change we implemented.



Design system

High fidelity prototype

Logging in through the university portal automatically showcase eligible student discounts.

Select your preferences, affiliations and location to personalize the discounts.

All the search, comparison, and detailed information regarding discounts are available in one place, including the last usage timestamp of the selected discount,

Ability to share feedback and save discounts for later use.


"Feedback is the most valuable resource in UX"

Reflecting on the design process, I realize that the most important aspect of solving user pain points is to communicate and listen to their experiences and feedback. User feedback reveals areas for improvement, empowering UX designers to construct products that prioritize usability and enhance the overall user experience

"Good teamwork leads to good design"

Teamwork played a vital role in achieving a successful outcome. Without collaborative effort among teammates, we would not have been able to create the desired product. Furthermore, working with teammates from diverse backgrounds offered valuable insights into problem-solving from various angles. It also provided me with an opportunity to learn different work styles and design skills.

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